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Are you looking for a Life + Biz Day Planner that will finally…

  • Get All Your Ideas Out Of Your Head?
  • Keep You Organized and Focused?
  • Provide a Simple Way To Keep Track of Your Schedule?
  • Make Marketing Your Biz Front and Center?
  • Help You Be More Productive?
  • Have One Place to jot down all your Ideas and To-Do’s?
  • Have a Spot to Breakdown upcoming projects into easy actionable steps?
  • Support you in Living a Yummy Soul-full Life + Biz?
  • Helps you GROW your BIZ with intention!

The Launch It Girl Life + Biz Day Planner was created for Woman Entrepreneurs who want to increase their income, achieve more success and create the yummy Life + Biz they crave!

Here is the problem…

Our daily lives are full of excitement and challenges.  It can be easy to get off track and lose site of why you started your biz in the first place and what you really want.

I believe to create the life we crave, it takes a clear vision, an unshakable focus, a deep connection to your “why”, clearly defined goals and action steps mapped out so it’s practically inevitable that you will make it happen!

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Why I created this planner…

As a serial day planner junkie, I got tired of buying day planner after day planner trying to find one that would truly support me in growing my business.  On any given day I would be toting around my day planner for appointments, a spiral notebook for all the ideas that would pop up at random times and a journal to reflect on where I was and how I was doing in my biz.

So, in January 2009 I decided I was done trying to find one that would work… and decided to create and design my own day planner.

You will find…

A convenient and versatile Life + Biz Day Planner that is perfect for using at your desk, throwing in your purse on the way to a meeting or at an appointment to jot down notes.

The all-in-one monthly, weekly and daily planner for women has space to create your life vision, yearly dreams and goals, monthly personal and business task lists, mapping out monthly project and ideas, weekly goals, daily no matter what section, daily marketing planning, weekly journaling prompts and plenty of room for notes, ideas or whatever comes to mind.

You can expect…

A Life + Biz Day Planner that will help you increase your income, get more done, and create the Life + Biz you crave.


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Launch It Girl Life + Biz Planner


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  • December 2013 to December 2014
  • Yearly Vision Worksheet
  • Dreams and Goals Worksheet
  • Monthly Master Task List
  • Monthly Project + Ideas Worksheet
  • Monthly Calendar View
  • Weekly Calendar View
  • Daily Appointments
  • Daily No Matter What List
  • Daily Marketing So You Stay Focused On Growing Your Business
  • Weekly Goals
  • Weekly Intentions
  • Weekly Gratitude & Abundance List
  • Weekly Notes
  • Weekly Journaling Questions
  • Weekly Ideas, Thoughts, Creative Sparks
  • And More!


Size:  7.25 x 9.5… perfect for on the go, in your purse, whisking away to your next appointment or at your desk.

Spiral Bound… lets it lay flat and makes it easy to write in.

New and Improved Heavier Cover

New Awesome Monthly Tabs, so you can easily flip from month to month… Woohoo!

LIG Planner Cover

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